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Get to Know Carlton Dubois "Céran" McClain

Discover the intricate process of Carlton Dubois "Céran" McClain tapping into his artistic license in this five-minute, in-depth personal interview with "Rise Over Run Media, LLC" in Kansas City, Missouri.

Press Reviews

"'State of Grace' closes the release on a spiritual note, looking heavenward towards the Creator for strength and guidance. It's a fitting nod to his early days in the church and an aural affirmation of what has kept him grounded over the years. [Céran's sophomore studio album] Verity covers a lot of ground, but there is a noted improvement from his debut album [The Art of Céran] in terms of arrangements. Céran is continuing to sharpen his skills as a songwriter and there are many different directions that his career could go in. Judging from the French and Spanish selections featured on the album, there is the real possibility of him becoming an international crossover artist. Here's hoping that he continues to follow his heart, for it certainly has not failed him so far."

- Jason Randall Smith of Mount Vernon, NY (Review You CD Reviews)

"Neo-soul ballads are plentiful on [Céran's anthological compilation album] The Ultimate, [y]et Céran sounds equally comfortable with a fast dance beat, which is exactly what he provides on 'Love Is Found' ... and the opener 'The Occident.' Both 'Love Is Found' and 'The Occident' favor the more soul-minded side of dance music and have a strong deep house feel. In terms of production, 'The Occident' has a definite late 1980s influence and sounds like it could have been recorded around 1987 or 1988 ... Deep house, when it got started in the 1980s, was very much a continuation of the late 1970s disco-soul of artists like Moment of Truth, Double Exposure, Loleatta Holloway, the Trammps, Linda Clifford, and Gloria Gaynor. Those artists weren't just about the beat: they had songs, and deep house has been a high-tech approach to that tradition. Céran, on 'Love Is Found' and 'The Occident,' approaches dance music with that type of soul-minded mentality. Those selections are not just about having a beat for the sake of having a beat; vocal personality is an essential part of the equation. 'Love Is Found' and 'The Occident' are club-friendly, but they also work well for just plain listening."

- Alex Henderson of Philadelphia, PA (Billboard, All Music Guide)

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