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The Complete Discography of Céran

The discography of American recording artist, Céran, consists of four studio albums, two Extended Plays (EPs): comprising one collaborative vocal duets EP and one solo multilingual EP, seven official singles, sixteen promotional singles, three compilation albums, seven buzz singles, and one featured album appearance, to date. A proven commercially viable force with a career beginning in the year 2006, Céran has accrued 2,000+ streams and record sales in multiple international markets including domestically in the United States and abroad in 49 countries/territories and in each continent including Africa (Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia, and Uganda), Asia (Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, The Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Turkey), AustraliaEurope (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom), North America (Canada, Guatemala, and Mexico), as well as South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay).

Studio Albums

  •  The Art of Céran (4 September 2012)
  •  Verity (4 March 2014)
  •  Live, and Let Love (27 January 2015)
  •  Holding Out Hope (5 December 2017)

Official Singles

  •  "Open Road" (24 December 2012)
  •  "The Wrong of Right" (12 March 2013)
  •  "State of Grace" (16 July 2013)
  •  "Break Free" (12 January 2015)
  •  "Void of Words / Ohne Worte" (18 August 2015)
  •  "Everybody" (15 May 2017)
  •  "Reprobate Minds" (20 November 2017)

Promotional Singles

  •  "The Occident" (27 November 2011)
  •  "Nothing But A Memory" (13 October 2012)
  •  "Troubled Heart / Change for Me" (24 February 2014)
  •  "Amaré Otra Vez" (5 May 2014)
  •  "Noble Fool (with Samara)" (4 August 2014)
  •  "Love Is Found (with Samara)" (15 September 2014)
  •  "Reality's Reverie (feat. TFitz)" (7 October 2014)
  •  "Why Can't I Live in Your Heart" (30 October 2014)
  •  "Live, and Let Love" (10 March 2015)
  •  "Feelin' Lucky" (11 May 2015)
  •  "Zwazo Paradi / Encore Une Fois" (9 April 2016)
  •  "Light of Day" (1 January 2018)
  •  "Who You Are" (26 February 2018)
  •  "The Sentiment of Love" (3 April 2018)
  •  "This Is Love" (28 May 2018)
  •  "The Heart of America's Art" (1 June 2019)

Extended Plays

  • Tried and True {with Samara} (16 September 2014)
  • Locutio (17 June 2016)

Buzz Singles

  •  "You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You" (19 May 2011)
  •  "Somos Novios (It's Impossible)" (5 May 2014)
  •  "I'll Make You Feel Like (A Natural Woman)" (15 December 2014)
  •  "Hymne à l'Amour" (7 December 2016)
  •  "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever {Bilingual Cover}" (14 February 2017)
  •  "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti" (31 May 2017)
  •  "Go the Distance" (28 April 2018)

Compilation Albums

  •  The Ultimate: The Essential Anthology of Céran (12 May 2015)
  •  The Ballad Collection (4 November 2016)
  •  The High Octane Collection (21 September 2018)

Featured Album Appearances
  • The Pembroke Hill Middle School Choir Presents: Showcase 2006 (26 April 2006) | (I've Got A Gal in) Kalamazoo {Solo Cover of the 1942 No. 1 Single by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra}


Throughout the course of his career in music, Céran, an award-winning, critically-acclaimed, and global-selling singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, orchestrator, record producer, and recording artist, has consistently drawn comparisons—for his vocal eccentricities, poignant lyricisms, and unique overall artistry—to the greatest creative runs from some of the greatest artists in popular music history, including, Thriller-era Michael Jackson, Purple Rain-era Prince, as well as Stevie Wonder's "Classic Period." Céran is known for his powerful, extensive three-octave vocal range that has been likened to old soul greats such as Donny Hathaway, in addition to D'Angelo and Seal, and Céran's musical diversity and eclecticism has culminated in the birth of his distinct, signature sound which has been dubbed by critics as a mark of an "international crossover artist." Céran has written, composed, and recorded countless ballads, mid-tempo selections, and up-tempo numbers—ranging from Pop, R&B, Gospel, and Neo-soul to Funk, Reggae, Kansas City Jazz, and St. Louis Blues—in five languages (English, French, German, Louisiana Creole, and Spanish), typically performs the entirety of the instrumentation on his recordings, and prides himself in delivering timeless, quality music album after album. Furthermore, for all four of his full-length studio albums, three compilation albums, and two additional Extended Plays (EPs) to date, Céran has accrued 2,000+ streams and record sales in 50+ countries globally and in all six of the habitable continents of the world. Moreover, each of Céran's first four singles, all of which he single-handedly wrote, composed, orchestrated, and produced, on the Clap Charts app (including the post-disco vocal duet "Love Is Found" (with Samara) (no. 3), the French-language chanson ballad "Encore Une Fois" (no. 3), the bluesy/rock 'n' roll "Troubled Heart" (no. 4), and the Pop/R&B vocal ballad duet, "Noble Fool" (also with Samara) (no. 10)) have each bowed and peaked within the Top 10 of the charts. Additionally, Céran has been in the Top 10 of the ReverbNation Pop Charts for the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area for several years.


"'The Occident' [very well] could be considered the high point of the album, working boogie elements into an up-tempo house track. Meaty bass synth lines and over-the-top orchestral hits contribute to make this cut a future dance hit. Céran is free and fierce on this selection, picking up on Michael Jackson's vocal flair during the song's conclusion with a stellar chord progression and killer vocal harmonies."

- Jason Randall Smith of Mount Vernon, NY (Review You CD Reviews)


"The eleven-track release [Céran's debut studio album, The Art of Céran] showcases Céran's latest musical creations with a powerful voice, danceable beats, and a soulful, yet humble, swagger."

- Matthew Forss of Omro, WI (Review You CD Reviews)


"'Reality's Reverie' convincingly shifts the focus to '80s R&B, the song's elements handled with a delicate touch. Harp plucks and synthesizer sheen are sprayed over electronic drum sequences, complete with a tender-voiced guest rap [performed by TFitz] and apropos Top 40-phrased lyrics."

- Jason Randall Smith of Mount Vernon, NY (Review You CD Reviews)


 "'All That You Want Me to Be' ends The Art of Céran on an appropriately anthematic note, as Céran offers a series of caressingly beautiful insinuations - all without ever losing his grip on the song's broader theme."

- Nick DeRiso of New Orleans, LA (Review You CD Reviews)


"'Change for Me' begins with a good dance beat, atmospheric pads, and swishy percussion that sets the mood in an upbeat manner. The keyboard embellishments are punchy and static-driven, which are characteristic of early dance tunes from Eastern Africa and pop music from the 1980s. At any rate, Céran's vocals are rather mature and varied on this track with a good degree of soul, R&B, and electronica."

- Matthew Forss of Omro, WI (Review You CD Reviews)

"Original compositions like 'Encore Une Fois' and 'Amaré Otra Vez' are where things really start to get interesting [on Céran's sophomore studio album, Verity]. Not only do they show that Céran knows his way around foreign languages, but they also display an understanding and respect for global musical idioms. The vibrant piano melody featured on 'Amaré Otra Vez' skips through an upbeat Latin rhythm while Céran dusts himself off from heartbreak, looking ahead to a future love. The cover of 'Somos Novios (It's Impossible)' is damn near the showstopper of the album as he interprets the piece with passion and boldness, emerging as an honest-to-goodness balladeer before it's all over."

- Jason Randall Smith of Mount Vernon, NY (Review You CD Reviews)


"'Open Road' begins with a piano melody, piercing keyboard washes, and Céran's soulful vocals leading the charge. The symphonic keyboards add a touch of classicism to the already classic track that is steeped in jazzy soul, R&B, and contemporary piano pop. The vocals vacillate with an inner beauty that is professional and unforgettable at the same time. This is not one of the dance tracks as the symphonic keyboards and soulful vocals add a touch of romanticism and introspection."

- Matthew Forss of Omro, WI (Review You CD Reviews)

“'Moodswings' is perhaps the best example [on Céran's sophomore studio album, Verity] of his working within contemporary song structures and making it his own. As a sampled break bops its way around turntable scratches and string swells, Céran tells a woman in no uncertain terms that he won’t be taken in by her ulterior motives. His lower vocal range suits this down tempo selection well, blending beautifully with the music underneath his pointed lyrics."
- Jason Randall Smith of Mount Vernon, NY (Review You CD Reviews)

"Céran adds a more diverse repertoire of instruments, beats, and vocals on his latest release, Verity. The album contains twelve new tracks mostly written, composed, arranged, orchestrated, sung, and produced by Céran. The music contains elements of jazz, soul, gospel, rock, pop, new age, classical, R&B, and electronica. The songs are rather contemplative, diverse, and multi-layered with infusions of many genres. The entire project seems to work flawlessly."

- Matthew Forss of Omro, WI (Review You CD Reviews)

“'R&Bop,' the marriage of R&B and Pop, is not always satisfying. It sometimes more closely resembles just the powdered cheese, without the macaroni, butter, or milk, and frankly, that’s more of what I hear on the radio these days than not. Then, of course, there are the modern groove-masters that fill us all up, one tune after another—which is exactly what happens on Live, and Let Love, Céran’s most recent album. Neither Céran, nor the album itself, need to justify the R&Bop hues, or even the fact that most of the songs have a similar instrumentation backdrop, because frankly, Live, and Let Love just makes the listener feel good. At least this listener. We need more ‘feel good’ in this world; the proof there’s something worth letting ourselves love." 
- Alice Neiley of Burlington, VT (Review You CD Reviews)

“'Feelin’ Lucky' [on Céran's third studio album, Live, and Let Love] is a dramatic accomplishment as many artists have trouble managing ballads and up tempo songs. This song breathes a vigorous life back into you after having slowed down from the song before. The aim is so accurate, so true, that you know exactly what he came to do with this song. To me, songs like 'Feelin’ Lucky,' 'Risk It All' and 'Love Is Found' encapsulate Céran at his best; full of emotion and the ability to carry out his intentions to the letter."

- Charles Sweet of Stone Mountain in Greater Atlanta, GA (Review You CD Reviews)

"Many R&B lyrics of the 21st century have favored a very raw, in-your-face sexuality. But Céran's songs [on his third studio album, Live, and Let Love] tend to be romantic in an earnest way. And that holds true whether he is performing at a fast tempo on "Love Is Found," a comfortable medium tempo on "It's You" and "Void of Words" or is offering ballads that include "Risk It All," the title track, and "Noble Fool" (a male/female vocal duet with singer Samara). Céran isn't just saying, 'Baby, I want to sex you up': his perspective is decidedly romantic."

- Alex Henderson of Philadelphia, PA (Billboard, All Music Guide)

"Noble Fool" begins with a little piano and ambient keyboard sounds before Céran's soulful voice leads the way. A guest singer, Samara, adds her vocal inflections into the mix with a little symphonic keyboard embellishments, and sporadic cymbals. About a minute-and-a-half into the song, a drum percussion beat joins both Céran's and Samara's vocals. Céran's voice channels the emotion of Boyz II Men with superb results overall."
- Matthew Forss of Omro, WI (Review You CD Reviews)

"Céran offers positivity even in songs of heartbreak, simply through his Stevie-Wonder-mixed-with-PM Dawn vocal timbre. The quality of his voice is the epitome of youth and hope, regardless of the tempo or mood of the song."
- Alice Neiley of Burlington, VT (Review You CD Reviews)

"Easily the most danceable song on the album [Live, and Let Love], 'Love Is Found' operates on the soul-minded side of dance music. There are many different types of dance music, and 'Love Is Found' will appeal to those who enjoy the deep house of the 1980s and 1990s (such as Jomanda, Adeva, Ten City, or Chanelle) or the disco-soul of the 1970s (as in Moment of Truth, Loleatta Holloway, or Sylvester). 'Love Is Found' is the type of dance music that has more in mind than simply providing a beat: it tells a story and emphasizes vocal personality."
- Alex Henderson of Philadelphia, PA (Billboard, All Music Guide)

"'Live, and Let Love' is the final track on [Céran's third studio album] Live, And Let Love and brings a resounding conclusion to what has been a fine collection of songs. Serving as a proper farewell, the production is broad and allows Céran to give the absolute best performance he can to the listener in an extremely memorable song. Overall, Live, And Let Love is adventurous and ranges from dramatic to heartfelt to rejoicing to soothing without ever feeling phoned in. Céran is talented, and by and large this album is a testament to a grand dream, realized."
- Charles Sweet of Stone Mountain in Greater Atlanta, GA (Review You CD Reviews)

"After the short, 1:12 'Ode to Life and Love,' we as listeners realize the album hasn’t quite started yet, which in terms of what comes next, is a good thing. 'Break Free' is the perfect ‘opening track,’ and perhaps the best track on the album. Beginning with a sprinting snare drum, upon which a more defined triplet pounds just before the synthesizer arrivesfirst organ, then strings—then, of course, vocals. That voice. That voice singing: 'just stay true to your soul/Just stay on track and break the mold/you don’t have to be bold/just stay on fire and break free from the cold,' breaks us into the general joyousness of this album almost as much as the background harmonies do with their major chords supporting the lead vocals."
- Alice Neiley of Burlington, VT (Review You CD Reviews) 

"...[T]he classic soul of the 1960s and 1970s continues to influence young neo-soul artists, and the fact that [Stevie] Wonder is such a strong influence on a 2014 recording like [Céran's third studio album] Live, and Let Love really underscores his longevity. Wonder reached his commercial peak in the 1970s, yet when Céran is performing 'Void of Words,' 'Break Free,' 'Feelin' Lucky,' or his [interpolated] Aretha Franklin cover [of Franklin's own 1967 hit, '(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman'], it is evident that Wonder (who is now 64) continues to be influential after all these years. Wonder has influenced not only Céran's vocal phrasing, but also, his songwriting."
- Alex Henderson of Philadelphia, PA (Billboard, All Music Guide)

"Céran's newest [album] release, Live, and Let Love, continues with rich R&B grooves, soulful ballads, dance music, and classic tunes where the voice is the main instrument throughout the ten tracks. As a follow-up to [his sophomore studio album] Verity, [Céran's third studio album] Live, and Let Love showcases Céran's maturity with songwriting, composing, and producing. The new album attempts to provide a great selection of mostly original songs with one interpolated cover from Aretha Franklin." 
- Matthew Forss of Omro, WI (Review You CD Reviews)

"Live, And Let Love begins with 'An Ode to Life and Love,' an introduction that sets the tone with a clear and purposeful understanding of it being just a teaser to what Céran has to offer: The pad and bass driven song—although only about a minute in length—caught my ear due to the complex melody that was able to be displayed in such a short amount of time. “Break Free” is progressive in that it isn’t the standard fare for R&B. The song is not hollowed out or over-calculated; it is full-bodied, professional and on track the whole way through. I enjoyed how deep Céran is able to go (especially in verse two) and bring the listener with him."

- Charles Sweet of Stone Mountain in Greater Atlanta, GA (Review You CD Reviews)

"Live, and Let Love bursts forth, over and over, with hope—both as a result of heartbreak and confusion and as an instigator of ecstatic joy. Céran has an ear for key changes, melody, and lyrics, so whether R&Bop or R&B, I’d say he is on his way to knocking it out of the park in whichever direction he chooses."
- Alice Neiley of Burlington, VT (Review You CD Reviews)

"The more things change in music, the more they inevitably stay the same. The fact that artists in their twenties are, in 2014, getting inspiration from Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Donny Hathaway bears that out. And Céran's willingness to draw on both the past and present makes for likable listening on Live, and Let Love."
- Alex Henderson of Philadelphia, PA (Billboard, All Music Guide)

"'Noble Fool' features Samara in a duet that showcases probably the best thing about duets—two distinct styles meshing together in harmony to create a single experience—and both Céran and Samara put on riveting performances. 'The Wrong of Right' gives more of a Reggae-like backdrop for Céran to operate in, and the island sound really compliments him well here. He's able to step outside the norm and that freedom shows magnificently. As dynamically different as these two tracks are, there's a strong similarity in them showing just how far-reaching Céran's range truly is."
- Charles Sweet of Stone Mountain in Greater Atlanta, GA (Review You CD Reviews)

"'Encore Une Fois' begins with an atmospheric wash, which heads right into a flowing, European-like piano melody. Céran sings in French on this song. The soft vocal ballad is quite melancholic, but diverse. Céran's French background shines on this track. A variety of symphonic washes, swishy percussion, and string-like accompaniment solidifies the track as a Francophone masterpiece."

- Matthew Forss of Omro, WI (Review You CD Reviews)

"'Live, and Let Love' is strong and struts out, full of perseverance and a robust sense of self. The song moves at a surprisingly quick pace and is a highlight because in it, Céran speaks of redemption through love and the very necessary understanding that we all gain through experience. It's about this time in the album that I have to stop and think about just how many of these songs were on repeat: a lot. I believe the reason for that comes from Céran's knack for paring things down to the core essentials and providing exactly what the listener wants to hear—quality production, songwriting, and artistry—and I'm grateful for it."
- Charles Sweet of Stone Mountain in Greater Atlanta, GA (Review You CD Reviews)

"[Céran is] an absolute musical genius. [The] music [on his fourth studio album, Holding Out Hope] has the power to heal a world that's in pain and hurting."
- Kansas City, MO's Rev. Coleman Douglas McClain, Sr., M.Div., MBA of Greensburg in Greater Pittsburgh, PA

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