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The Life and Times of Céran

Kansas City, Missouri-native Carlton Dubois McClain, who performs musically under the mononym Céran, is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed, and global-selling singer-songwriter, pianist, keyboardist, guitarist, composer, arranger, orchestrator, recording artist, and record producer who, through his music, pays homage to the music legends, including Chevalier de Saint-George, Christina AguileraMichael JacksonBessie Jones, Billy Eckstine, among others, that paved the way for him. The stage name, Céran, was chosen in tribute to the seventh-century French saint of the same name in affirmation of Céran's faith as well as Céran’s Louisiana Creole heritage, and, via the name's French origin by way of Latin (Ceraunus) and, ultimately, Greek (Keraunos), "Céran" means “the thunderer,” which adequately describes the way in which Céran desires to “storm” onto the music scene. The music of Céran traverses a vast array of genres spanning from Soul and R&B to Pop and International music. And with each of his four studio albums accruing 2,000+ streams and records sales in 50+ countries worldwide and in all six of the habitable continents, Céran has thoroughly proven that he is a commercially viable force, not only stateside, but also internationally and abroad. Since the tender age of seven, Céran has studied classical composers and their various works, and Céran had, through his adolescence, enrolled in various classical piano competitions culminating in countless awards and accolades including a bronze medal-finish in the 2008 State of Kansas Piano Auditions. Stemming from his classically-trained roots, Céran has incorporated the classics into his diverse and eclectic musical arsenal.


Born on the twenty-eighth day of April in the year 1992, Céran’s musical inspiration was spurred by the great musical tradition of his hometown. Taking advantage of Kansas City’s great jazz and blues legacy, Céran began performing at local hot spots including 18th & Vine’s Blue Room in his teenage years. However, this was well after Céran began formulating his foundation in performance in the church, and by the time he reached his teens, Céran had begun writing his first songs. Furthermore, Céran began to branch out into arenas other than music in his young life. He was inducted into the International Thespian Society during his high school years at the Pembroke Hill School and even placed first regionally and sixth nationally in the National French Contest in 2010. During that same year, Céran graduated high school as a National College Board Advanced Placement Scholar and, four years later, Céran earned the "cum laude" collegiate medallion upon completing his undergraduate degree in Urban Studies from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with a concentration in Community Development and Housing and a minor in French language. Moreover, Céran followed through with further education in 2015 by earning all 19.5 credit hours attempted as a candidate for a Master of Arts in Management from Wake Forest University School of Business en route to founding an economic and business development company, entitled, "Occupy Until He Comes Ministry Services, LLC," alongside his parents.


Of Céran’s self-released, full-length 2012 debut album, “The Art of Céran,” music critic Matthew Forss of Review You CD Reviews declared that, “The eleven-track release showcases Céran’s latest musical creations with a powerful voice, danceable beats, and a soulful, yet humble, swagger.” The defining characteristic of Céran’s music is his ability to intertwine his experience with classicisms and advantageously utilize that experience to create trendsetting, contemporary music. And with a natural knack for down-to-earth-style songwriting, Céran has penned his music in the vein of an old soul, and Céran continues to broaden his artistic horizons by penning lyrics in French, Spanish, German, and Louisiana Creole, which are also languages that Céran speaks, in addition to his native English. By conveying his unique abilities, Céran hopes to have a profound effect on the listener. But most importantly, Céran endeavors to use his knowledge of music theory to create songs that are plausible in the eyes of the legends of music’s past, but yet also current and relatable enough to the public of the present.