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Welcome to the Official Site of Céran!

A cultivated mind of a brilliant kind; a virtuoso that shines, and who is always on time; any duplication would be hard to find, because this is truly one of a kind; welcome to the world of a "bel esprit," the Official Site of Céran.


The goal of Céran is to profoundly affect the world of music by utilizing his knowledge of music theory to create trendsetting, contemporary songs that are plausible in the eyes of the legends of music's past, but yet also current and relatable enough to the public of the present.


Throughout the course of his career in music, Céran, an award-winning, critically-acclaimed, and global-selling singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, orchestrator, record producer, and recording artist, has consistently drawn comparisons—for his vocal eccentricities, poignant lyricisms, and unique overall artistry—to the greatest creative runs from some of the greatest artists in popular music history, including, Thriller-era Michael Jackson, Purple Rain-era Prince, as well as Stevie Wonder's "Classic Period." Céran is known for his powerful, extensive three-octave vocal range that has been likened to old soul greats such as Donny Hathaway, in addition to D'Angelo and Seal, and Céran's musical diversity and eclecticism has culminated in the birth of his distinct, signature sound which has been dubbed by critics as a mark of an "international crossover artist." Céran has written, composed, and recorded countless ballads, mid-tempo selections, and up-tempo numbers—ranging from Pop, R&B, Gospel, and Neo-soul to Funk, Reggae, Kansas City Jazz, and St. Louis Blues—in five languages (English, French, German, Louisiana Creole, and Spanish), typically performs the entirety of the instrumentation on his recordings, and prides himself in delivering timeless, quality music album after album. Furthermore, for all four of his full-length studio albums, three compilation albums, and two additional Extended Plays (EPs) to date, Céran has accrued 2,000+ streams and record sales in 50+ countries globally and in all six of the habitable continents of the world. Moreover, each of Céran's first four singles, all of which he single-handedly wrote, composed, orchestrated, and produced, on the Clap Charts app (including the post-disco vocal duet "Love Is Found" (with Samara) (no. 3), the French-language chanson ballad "Encore Une Fois" (no. 3), the bluesy/rock 'n' roll "Troubled Heart" (no. 4), and the Pop/R&B vocal ballad duet, "Noble Fool" (also with Samara) (no. 10)) have each bowed and peaked within the Top 10 of the charts. Additionally, Céran has been in the Top 10 of the ReverbNation Pop Charts for the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area for several years. 



"The eleven-track release [Céran's debut studio album, The Art of Céran] showcases Céran's latest musical creations with a powerful voice, danceable beats, and a soulful, yet humble, swagger."

- Matthew Forss of Omro, WI (Review You CD Reviews)


"Despite the fact that Carlton Dubois McClain is in his early twenties, an old soul is housed within his bones.  Performing under the name Céran, it is his aspiration to make timeless music as a singer and songwriter.  Verity picks up where his previous album (The Art of Céran) left off, exploring new ways to marry his classical training with contemporary styles of music.  He also takes advantage of being multilingual by penning selections in different languages as well as covering a Spanish ballad, extending his reach even further to an international audience."

- Jason Randall Smith of Mount Vernon, NY (Review You CD Reviews)

"As a songwriter, Céran has a firm grasp of structure and his appreciation for the R&B legends is blatantly evident in his music."

- Kelly O'Neil of Zebulon, NC (Review You CD Reviews)

"Original compositions like 'Encore Une Fois' and 'Amaré Otra Vez' are where things really start to get interesting [on Céran's sophomore studio album, Verity]. Not only do they show that Céran knows his way around foreign languages, but they also display an understanding and respect for global musical idioms."

- Jason Randall Smith of Mount Vernon, NY (Review You CD Reviews)

"Many R&B lyrics of the 21st century have favored a very raw, in-your-face sexuality. But Céran's songs [on his third studio album, Live, and Let Love] tend to be romantic in an earnest way. And that holds true whether he is performing at a fast tempo on "Love Is Found," a comfortable medium tempo on "It's You" and "Void of Words" or is offering ballads that include "Risk It All," the title track, and "Noble Fool" (a male/female vocal duet with singer Samara). Céran isn't just saying, 'Baby, I want to sex you up': his perspective is decidedly romantic."

- Alex Henderson of Philadelphia, PA (Billboard, All Music Guide)

"'All That You Want Me to Be' is a song that to me, even more strongly than most, connects Céran to his sound due to him being emotionally open and honest on the song. The song has crossover appeal and has a sincere makeup of straightforward good vibes that is so important to the connectivity between Céran and his fans. Both contemporary and traditional in nature, this is one song that can fit in a multitude of places."

- Charles Sweet of Stone Mountain in Greater Atlanta, GA (Review You CD Reviews)

"Of course, Céran had yet to be born in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s or even the 1980s. He was born on April 28, 1992. And the fact that someone who is still in the first half of his twenties can get inspiration from classic doo wop, classic soul and classic dance music is impressive."

- Alex Henderson of Philadelphia, PA (Billboard, All Music Guide)

"Overall, Céran's The Ultimate is every bit the namesake and for an artist to have such an array of work in a short amount of time means he's inspired and I'm inspired listening to him."

- Charles Sweet of Stone Mountain in Greater Atlanta, GA (Review You CD Reviews)

"Céran's broad-minded outlook is evident on this CD. Céran is taking his share of risks, and his desire to look to both the past and the present for creative inspiration is clearly an advantage on The Ultimate: The Essential Anthology of Céran."

- Alex Henderson of Philadelphia, PA (Billboard, All Music Guide)

"[Céran is] an absolute musical genius. [The] music [on his fourth studio album, Holding Out Hope] has the power to heal a world that's in pain and hurting."
- Kansas City, MO's Rev. Coleman Douglas McClain, Sr., M.Div., MBA of Greensburg in Greater Pittsburgh, PA

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